I was a good cook at school and when my sister was a baby my mother was poorly so every lesson that didn't matter like cookery and P.E. I had to be at home.  So it's my sisters fault I can't make bread.

We were brought up in Penkhull and at that time there was a little bakery up London Road.  Marsh's it was called and they use to deliver up to the shops in Penkhull.  The bread was wrapped up in tissue paper.

Our dad worked at a bakery for 30 years, that's why we're fat 'cause we ate all the cake.  It was 'Champion' when he first whent, then it was 'Mr Kipling'.  He hurt his back there pushing a barrel to the mixer.  He was off for a while and when he whent back he worked in 'hygene', it was posh for a cleaner.


Elaine Hughes & Karen Beardmore (sisters)  21/08/14