The following is a blog post from Paul Pursglove, a local historian.

Staffordshire Oaty Cob


 All is well in the garden and this grey squirrel has managed to dig up a peanut from the lawn.  It is sat in the branches of our Tulip Tree munching its gains.
Ah! time to have another baking session whilst there is no pressure to do real work.  Last month I was involved in the Bread in Common baking day where we baked Susan Clarke's homage to the Staffordshire Oat Cake - the Staffordshire Oaty Cob.  This is a recipe worth re-visiting from time to time.

 It is a mixed grain bread with white flour,wholemeal flour and course oat flour, made up with a yeast sponge or mother dough that has been created the day before the bake.

 This loaf is a new recipe, but I am sure that it will become a classic over time.  It bakes really well in a modern oven.

 Of course, the appearance of the bread is only half of the story, it does need to cut well and have a good texture.

This is a bread that goes very well with my idea of a ploughman's lunch.  I am always satisfied with the results.  For a quick bake, use dried yeast instead of the yeast sponge and you lose the sourdough taste and aroma, but it is still a good bake.

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