My mum use to make bread in 1975, I use to come home from school and there'd be a bowl in the airing cupboard with a towel over the top and I'd think 'mums baking bread again'.  She would make bread and rolls, not all the time just now and again.

She came from Aberdeen and would make Aberdeen Rolls 'Rowies' they called them.  We use to have them warm with melted butter and jam on.

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Swetenhams use to have a bakery in Chesterton, where the library is.  They use to do 'Mothers Choice' and deliver it in Commer vans.  Victor Values took over Swetenhams.  I use to work for them until they closed in 1967, I was 20.  When Victor Values took over they stopped making bread and bought 'Wonder Loaf' in, after about 6 months they bought 'Mothers Pride' in as well.

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I remember Embery's bakery also Swetenhams use to have a shop on the corner of London Road and Brick Kiln Lane, Chesterton.  Their bakery was down by the roundabout at Loomer Road, it's flats now.


Dorothy, Salvation Army 02/07/14

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