My Dad, Ron Snape, who retired twenty years ago had a shop in Longton, called Snapes' Stores. The shop was a general grocery shop which also sold sandwiches, it also had a small bakery at the rear of the shop which baked bread, jam tarts, custards, cakes, pork pies and more. It was run by Fred Steele who worked for my Grandad and Dad for fifty two years.



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This shop in Longton just over on the market, they make it (bread) and sometimes there's a crowd waiting outside to get a piece. They make their own bread and cakes, everything. I'm a potter, I don't know anything about bread.

Man in OCIS cafe

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Snape's Stores was started by Harry Snape Circa 1930's/40's.  He purchased the bakery which was called Allerton's at the time.

The tiled floor to the shop doorway, still exists today.

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Ron Snape and Fred Steele with the last loaf out of the oven.

My Mum used to see to the students, that used to come to the college in the yard where she lived and she used to do all their baking, dinners, make bread and everything.(St James Church) It was the mens college, mechanics, engineering college and they used to go to the school up the road from where the college was. And me Mum used to do all the dinners.

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The church of St. James-the-Less photo: c.1950's - Lovatt Collection

I remember me neighbour use to make bread, it was like a bloomer.  She let it rise next to the fire, for quite a while....over night I think.  I never watched her make it, I wish I did.

My mum and dad had a shop in Park Hall Street, Longton, they sold bread and it was four and half pence.  I was born in 1933 and we moved into that shop when I was five, they sold everything.


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