I remember Burgess's bakery and the Smithfield cattle market across the road and I also remember the Sutherland Arms pub used to have a thatched roof and all the farmers on market day used to park their horses and traps there. I remember when all the traffic used to come through here (High Street) this was the main throughough fare.

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I bought him a breadmaker he didn't use it for awhile, now he doesn't like any other bread now. He used to make bread, we've still got the big bowls he used. It must be ten years ago and then I think he gave up because I wouldn't eat his bread, it was too dense, you now what I mean. He's varied it from time to time, he gets an ingredient he likes and keeps at that.

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We use to go and get bread a cottage loaf and sometimes a bloomer loaf.  I'd get them from the local bakers when I lived in Ramsgate in the early 1930's.

I moved to Stoke in 1996 and I would get bread from Burgess Bakery.


Sarah Aldridge  19/08/14

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(woman) There's always the one down at Trent Vale, Kiplings now, that's still going isn't it. The only one is Burgess's they used to do alot of cakes and things like that. They did their own bread Burgess's did. He used to make bread, quite awhile back.

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I hadn't passed me test, it's when drivers had a van lad, spent about, oh I don't know six months on there (Embrey's  Bakery). But in the early 60's there were plenty of jobs about and you went for another ten shillings a week somewhere.

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Ford THames 4D

Stones's, do you remember? Did you know Stones's bakery, it was at the bottom of this road (Hassell St towards Lower St) on the righthand side. A little shop front with a bakery at the back used to be the best bread in Staffordshire. Home made bread, beautiful, they used to pies there, sausage rolls and everything.

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An advert for Burgess Bakery, established 1923


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Advert for Burgess Bakery established 1923