It was beautiful bread was,it was lovely.  During the war I got bread from the Co Op.

My dad was a chef and he would make his own bread, it was alright but it wasn't like bought bread.  During the war he worked where they made the food, I was never hungry.

If I could get bread delivered now I'd have a loaf a day.


Woman 1 from Age Uk group, Tunstall 20/08/14

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When I was 9 years old we lived next door to a lady who was 95 my mum would tell me to pop in to her on my way home from school.  She would ask me if I would like to have a piece of bread.  The first time she asked me I said 'yes please' because I was hungry, as you are having walked home from school.

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Bakery, I lived next door to one when I was a kid, Oxford Road, Basford. I remember the men leaning on the wall, getting a warm at night. Sometimes me Dad would take me, he'd stand around and chat and the kids would play around, they'd be getting warm. We used to get the bread fresh from the oven, the shops still there, but not the bakery, well I don't think it is.

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I remember my mother making bread in a dirty great big bowl that we use to put on the harthe by the side of an old range.  My mother always use to make her own bread up 'til during the war when you couldn't get the yeast to make it.  We use to buy it from the shops then.

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