Frank Hughes worked at Stones Bros Bakery from leaving school and worked his way up to being one of their most valued employees and bakers.  

He learnt to drive at the bakery

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Stones's, do you remember? Did you know Stones's bakery, it was at the bottom of this road (Hassell St towards Lower St) on the righthand side. A little shop front with a bakery at the back used to be the best bread in Staffordshire. Home made bread, beautiful, they used to pies there, sausage rolls and everything.

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In the late 1930's at Christmas time my dad use to take our bird to be cooked at Stones Bakery in Newcastle.  We would have a turkey or a duck or fowl.  We had to pluck it at home first.  We would sit there when my dad brought this bird in and we would pluck it and put the feathers on the fire.


Brenda Farrington 02/07/14

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Stones Bakery was started in the late 1800' by Arthur John Stones

His 2 sons Edwin Thomas Stones (Ed) and Harold John Stones (John) took over the bakery in 1928 and it bacame Stones Bros

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Arthur John Stones