It was beautiful bread was,it was lovely.  During the war I got bread from the Co Op.

My dad was a chef and he would make his own bread, it was alright but it wasn't like bought bread.  During the war he worked where they made the food, I was never hungry.

If I could get bread delivered now I'd have a loaf a day.


Woman 1 from Age Uk group, Tunstall 20/08/14

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I put a piece of bread in the toaster now and when it comes out it's little.  I had bread and cheese for my tea, it didn't do me any harm and I'm 93, we didn't know what cholesterol was!  When i was young we use to have a piece of rolled up pudding and gravy before dinner.


Woman 2 from Age UK group, Tunstall  20/08/14

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I remember going to Maggies shop.  The bread didn't come wrapped up or anything like that, it use to come on trays and she would just tip it into a big box that she had in the shop.  I use to go in and say 'can I have a loaf Mrs Bolton?' and she would reply 'yes alright, help yourself'.  Well, I was only small and I had to scrawl up the box and try and get in, I did it and I didn't fall in.

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There were 2 bake shops on London Road, Beardmores and Marsh's.  Marsh's still bake their own bread.  I do love fresh crusty bread, it's the companion of your life.  As you get older you don't need as much bread, my husband did though.

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Bread now is full of water, I have a slice of toast from supermarket bread.  When you've toasted it it's gone down so little.


Sarah Aldridge  19/08/14

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We always have pizza on a saturday night and about 15 years ago I decided to try and make them myself.  That got me making bread dough, so a couple of years ago I started making my own bread.  i enjoy making it, it's such a lovely thing to do.  I tend to make simple bread and rolls.

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I made bread at high school with Mrs Cuts, I'm a bit of a martial arts fan so I knocked hell out of it in the kneading process and I did well as it was an exam.


Howson Forrester  16/08/14

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When I was 5 or 6 my dad use to make bread.  Because it was an old fashioned house it had a coal fire.  He had to keep the temperature in the kitchen at a set level and it had to be really really warm.  We weren't allowed in the kitchen and if anyone opened the door, even for a second, he would yell at us.  At the end there would be mountains and mountains of these little bread cakes.

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Back in the 70's there was a bread strike and bread was in short supply.  I was on a PMT bus once and there was some bread being delivered to a shop.  The bus spotted it, stopped his bus and ran over to get some bread.

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We use to get fresh bread from the local shop.  It doesn't taste the same from the supermarket, the loves gone out of it now.


Aiden Herrick  16/08/14

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My mum and dad would buy bread from the local shop when I was 4.  That's the first time I can remember eating bread.


Jo Corney  16/08/14

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when I was a kid I lived in Jamiaca, there use to be a bread van that came through every Tuesday.  In those days things was hard, you just got and eat it.

When I came to England in 1962 bread was outside the shop which was suprising to me, bread without paper.


Louise Cambell  21/08/14

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I remember one year Talke Pitts got cut off because the snow was so deep.  There was a Co Op bakery in Butt Lane and my brothers got a sledge and got money off people round about em and whent and got bread.


Agnus Billinge  19/08/14

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I remember my mother making bread in a dirty great big bowl that we use to put on the harthe by the side of an old range.  My mother always use to make her own bread up 'til during the war when you couldn't get the yeast to make it.  We use to buy it from the shops then.

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