It's we have freshly baked Hot Cross Buns for the Easter Weekend for one week only!

Our specials for Easter are:

Hot Cross Buns - rich, warm spiced, fruit and peel, hand made hot cross buns, made with egg and butter (V) £ 0.75p each or 4 for £2.50

Country Sourdough 800g - Not completely white cob, made with starter (V+)£2.20

Baguette 200g - Made with French flour, an overnight proof, perfect for Easter entertaining (V+) £2.20

And our regular favourites to order this week:

Fat White 800g - A not completely white split tin loaf, made using a 24 hour proving proof for a deep bread flavour (V) £2.00

Staffordshire Cob 600g - Made with a base of white and wholemeal organic bread flours, a good dose of medium otamieal for a creamy crumb, shot through with sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and poppy seeds for a good crunch (V+) £2.20

Malthouse Baton 400g - A short granary baton with wheat flakes for a dark, chewy, malty bread - great with cheese (V+) £2.00

Focaccia 600g - Italian classic with 2 different toppings (let us know): rosemary and sea salt, or olives (V+) £2.10

Rye and Caraway 600g - Beautiful rye sourdough with the great flavour of caraway (V+) £2.20

V = vegetarian; V+ = vegan.

To order please email your requests to by 6pm on Weds 23rd March please.

Payment by card or cash on collection from 1:00pm (note new time) and 6:00pm on Thurs 24 March

Thanks for everyone's support. We value feedback as the baking gods are not always with us and we constantly strive to get better. If you have any suggestions for our order list in future please let us know.

Image: our hot cross buns in testing last week, looking pretty amazing already.