Bread never stops, so we're ready for another week's worth of baking only a week after our epic 250-bun Easter Bake. This week's specials are:

Country Sourdough 800g - not completely white cob, made with wild starter (V+) £2.20

Fruit Loaf 700g - cinammon spiced, fruit bread, white wheat flour (V) £2.50

And our regular favourites:

Fat White 800g - a not compeltely white split tin loaf, made using a 24 hour proving proof for a deep bread flavour (V) £2.00

Staffordshire Cob 600g - made with a base of white and wholemeal organic bread flours, a good dose of medium oatmeal for a creamy crumb, shot thorugh with sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and poppy seeds for a good crunch (V+) £2.20

Malthouse Baton 400g - a short granary baton with wheat flakes for a dark chewy, malty bread - great with cheese (V+) £2.00

Focaccia 600g - Italiam classic with two different toppings: rosemary and sea salt, or olvies (V+) £2.10

Rye and Caraway 600g - beautiful rye sourdough with a great flavour of caraway (V+) £2.20

V = vegetarian; V+ = vegan

Please order by 6pm on Weds 30 March. Payment by cash or cards on collection from Bread In Common, B Arts, 72 Hartshill Road, ST4 7RB

Collection 1:00pm - 6:00pm Thursday 31 March.

Most of you have got the hang of our new e-mail, for orders. We always send a reply to say we've got your order, so if you don't get one within 8 hours or so please contact us via phone on 01782 848835 or at the general b-arts

We value feedback and the baking gods are not always with us, so please do let us know what you think of our bread.

Image: our rosemary focaccia (with the olive hiding behind!)